The Firm

Studio Legale Donativi e Associati was founded by Vincenzo Donativi with a clear idea in mind: to perfect the one-stop-shop “legal boutique” model, with a view to offering an outstanding solution for businesses called upon to operate in markets that are evolving at an increasingly fast pace.


istock_62184302_xlargeWe know our clients have to make “real-time” decisions, in a scenario where regulatory dynamics are increasingly complex and global.

This is why they are looking for a direct, on-going, exclusive, trustworthy relationship, with a single, eminently competent, professional interlocutor. This request can only be met with an organisational model that guarantees a customised, “bespoke” services.

Donativi e Associati is the answer: a project shared by a team of professionals who are highly specialised, yet at the same time able to guarantee an overall vision, accompanying the client daily in the handling of all kinds of ordinary and extraordinary legal activities, in all sectors of business law.

A perfect blend of academic authority, professional excellence in practice and a specific, rapid response.