Banking and Financial Law

The rapidly changing EU and national regulations governing banking and financial activity, specifically aimed at defending savers and controlling the soundness of the institutes, calls for new skills and a rigorous approach.

We constantly work on developing consolidated skills regarding all the legal aspects of a full range of financial activities, thanks to the directly pertinent experience of the Firm’s founder in banking crisis management, also as a receiver or liquidator of banks, insurance companies and other financial intermediaries, also by appointment of the Bank of Italy.

Consulting and assistance for banking and financial institutes and their corporate customers in the following areas:

issue, subscription and placing of financial instruments – risk, debt or hybrid – in all possible forms

financing and complex finance transactions of all kinds

questions relating to derivative operations

objections regarding contractual disputes such as questions regarding compound interest or usury rates

customer relationship management regarding both regulatory and contractual issues, as well as for complex transactions such as:

  • transfers of companies
  • transfer of rights
  • transfer or purchase of individual loans or credit assets, including impaired loans and credit assets
  • “en bloc” sale of npl, from the creation of the special purpose vehicle to the due diligence activities, as well as assistance for bridge loans to the SPV and assistance to the SPV for the issue of senior and junior bonds
  • phases preceding possible crisis situations and procedures to resolve them
  • management of performing or non-performing loans both in and out of court