Corporate Insolvency Law

Given the complexity of the regulations governing this area, corporate insolvency management requires a rigorous, multi-disciplinary approach to guarantee effective, timely responses and prevent situations from becoming even more critical.

We develop integrated solutions that take account of all the corporate, financial, accounting and tax aspects of every case.

We have a team of specialists, as well as the directly pertinent experience of the Firm’s founder, who on many occasions acted as a receiver, official receiver and member or chairman of supervisory committees in businesses or banks by appointment of the Court, the Ministry for Economic Development or the Bank of Italy.

Consulting and assistance in the following areas:

pre-bankruptcy procedures

turnaround plans, applications for settlement, restructuring agreements, debt renegotiation and all other insolvency or pre-insolvency procedures

petitions for bankruptcy or “self-declarations of bankruptcy” and similar deeds leading to extraordinary administration proceedings

legal proceedings deriving from all aspects linked to bankruptcy situations and extraordinary administration

management of credit rights or, more generally, contractual relations with companies in difficulty or insolvent companies

crisis situations in banks, insurance companies or financial intermediaries, with the pertinent insolvency proceedings or special law procedures