Public Administration Law

The efficiency of the Administrations is a fundamental prerequisite for economic and social development. To achieve this, it is vital to properly interpret and apply the rules that govern relations between the various public bodies and with the private sector and with individuals.

We are able to communicate and engage with the Administrations, with public companies or companies partly under public control, and with private individuals, with regard to their dealings with the public administration, both in and out of court, as well as before the Regional Administrative Court (“TAR”) , the Conseil d’Etat (“Consiglio di Stato”) and the Court of Auditors (“Corte dei Conti”).

Consulting and assistance for the administrations and private and public companies in the following areas:

relations between businesses and the Public Administration

issues and controversies involving public economic entities and public bodies in general (such as the Chambers of Commerce) that are also called upon to play a role in the economy

disputes of an administrative nature

administrative and fiscal liability claims

all legal issues, in and out of court, involving companies fully or partly under public control on the side of both the company and the Administration, or, in the case of “mixed” companies, also on the side of the private partner